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40 Going on 20 DVD

40 Going On 20

You may be asking yourself, “What makes this video different?” The answer is simple. We’ve incorporated common household items to help you create a unique workout that will both challenge and deliver a sense of fun into your everyday routine! Using fitness and yoga, our experts keep the workouts fresh and you involved. By incorporating these simple, yet challenging exercises you will see results, save money, and enjoy a more fit, happier and confident you!

A New You Starts Now

40 Going On 20 takes pleasure in celebrating the delight and beauty of being a woman.

Keeping fit in your 40s, 50s, and 60’s is now becoming a necessity. 40 is not just the new 20 or 30 anymore. 60 is the new 40 as well! Age truly is nothing more than a number we’ve learned. It’s how we feel inside that will radiate and reflect the well being of our own existence.

Baby boomers have emerged, and with medicine and research, people are simply living longer. Bone loss naturally occurs in your 50s and women are faced with a myriad of issues, such as osteoporosis. We are learning now, more than ever, how fitness and eating right can help us live longer, and lead more fulfilling and happier lives. 40 Going On 20 was created specifically with women in mind. Our workouts are designed especially for, but not limited to, women ages 40 and older. One of our missions is to aid you in your journey of getting in shape safely and effectively, and reaching a more fulfilling life – naturally. We hope to encourage you to take action – NOW! This video includes a complete instructional body workout, and a Kundalini yoga segment. (approximately 20 minutes each.) The routines can be adjusted for any body type, respectively.

Although there are a ton of videos available on the market, we use unique methods in the home, without the assistance of specific equipment and/or vigorous (i.e., aerobics) exercise. That’s right – no gimmicks, no pressure to go out and buy tons of items that you’ll never see again in the back of your closet. (Ladies, you know the ones.) 40 Going On 20 is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced women. In this video, fitness expert Crystal Calderoni, simply suggests different sets of reps at different levels to make the adjustments easy and attainable for you, regardless of your shape, or limited work environment.

So, whether you’re a stay at home mother, working mother, someone that just needs a boost of confidence, or a woman always on the go and in need of a workout to take with her… 40 Going On 20 is for you! Whether you’re just getting started, or you just want to get motivated again, this video will help guide you!

4020 Productions will continue to serve you by creating additions to 40 Going On 20 for every woman around the globe. Our next video, 40 Going On 20, (45 minute) yoga edition will be available to you January 2008. We hope you’ll enjoy our products as much as we love creating them. A new you starts now!